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Heal the Whole Woman
                        A Guide to Healing Fiercely, Loving Passionately, and Living Authentically

Healing the Whole Woman is a loving intensive guide on healing women from the inside out no matter the trauma which may have taken place. Inside you are invited to look at your shadow, the pain, the story and your inner world like never before. It is no longer good enough to just know what to do to heal, now is the time we need to step up and step into ourselves with a no excuse attitude, an open heart, and a willingness to leave your old self behind. What if you could honour your wounds, and access your ability to heal your emotional and spiritual wounds as a modern woman? It is my wish to share with you the path to coming back to wholeness thereby living your life without limits. Where you can tap into the infinite well of well-being. Within these pages I introduce you to yourself. To the magnificent glorious you. To inquire, test, explore, discover, experiment and open to all that lies within this book, exposing yourself to a new way of thinking, being and living. Life will never pander to us. She will never take us in her arms and comfort and protect us as a mother would. Life is going to push us to the edge at times and push us by allowing us to come face to face with being outside of our comfort zone on a regular basis. It’s always an invitation for personal and spiritual growth. This is where the growth lies. You will learn to utilize your traumas, pain and stress, your bad habits and your gift giving triggers. You will learn to turn them into rich heart opening assets, to experience expansion and growth for yourself and others in this messy and magnificent thing called life.

Rising with the Phoenix
A Journey of Healing

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The book ‘Rising with the Phoenix’ traces Anna’s path in a very down to earth and heart opening way, through her darkest of moments and out into the epitome of light and freedom.

So many women are going through the same challenges, dark, brutal and often what seems soul destroying, leaving them feeling like half a person, and wading through life rather than living life.

Everyone deserves to be healthy, happy, and above all, safe.

This book offers inspiration for women in a very real way to release the burden and weight of hurt and betrayal, set themselves free, to realize their true strength, authentic love and inherent joy.

Through-out there are exercises, practices and self-inquiry. This book is an invitation for you to embark on your own journey of pure joy, and health, of body, mind and spirit, through these mindful practices that led Anna to the whole, grateful and balanced woman she is today.

Join Anna on her journey and know you are never alone.  

Step one foot in front of the other. You will fall, no doubt, but you will get back up again. And each time, a little more determined, stronger and wiser.  

You will become the woman you were always meant to be.

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6 Steps to go from Trauma to Triumph

Mini PDF Book

The book can be purchased in the shop tab (This book is a PDF Book download only)

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