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Bali Retreats

Bali Retreats
​Ubud, Bali


You more than deserve to get away and discover the treasures of joy and tranquillity that lay beneath the chaos and noise of daily life.
It’s time to quieten the rush and turbulence of your noisy and peace robbing mind.
This retreat is the perfect opportunity to unwind and let go. A powerful way to release tension, feeling overwhelmed or simply recharge is to physically travel to a place of inspiration, beauty and harmony.
You are spoilt in this week, it is all about you! A deeply restful week that flows with body awareness, body treatments, rituals and gentleness. It is in this precious space that you are invited to ‘tune out’ so you can’ tune in’. We cannot ask or want anything new to come into our life if we are full of unwanted clutter. We need to make room for the things we really, really want to flow into our lives.

Your yoga instructor Anna Hamilton

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