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Yoga Tree on the Coast

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Yoga is for Everyone!

Yoga is the practice of taking personal control of our lives. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Our wellbeing can be greatly enhanced with the practice of yoga.  Yoga invites us to learn the language of our bodies, to listen to it and then learn to honour it. Whatever challenge we are faced with, whether be injury , back pain, illness, anxiety or depression , yoga teaches us to work within our limits without limiting ourselves. These challenges can become great teachers.

Anna encourages everyone to practice yoga honouring their bodies, honouring where they are. To learn to accept, yet grow. The yoga studio is set amongst nature, beautiful trees and natural garden and is a personal and intimate environment to practice and discover the heartfelt nature of yoga.

All classes are suited for all levels of practice, whether you are a beginner, have physical limitations or have had a long time personal practice. Yoga is for everyone.

Anna Hamilton xxx

Term 1 2023 Yoga in class
Tuesday & Wednesday nights 6.00pm
Thursday morn
ing 9.30am

(Same as SA School terms, Contact Anna to make a booking)

Some videos to enjoy yoga in your own time
Classes are based on a 9 week term

$15.00 per class

Tues and Wed night and Thurs morning
​(during SA School terms)
Bookings necessary  please contact
​Anna Hamilton on 
PH: 044 925 6008
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