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My Story


Snuggle down with an organic cuppa tea and let’s have an intimate chat.

I am so thrilled you want to find out more about my journey. Because my story is your story. They are not so different.


So, let’s share our journey together.


It is my intention to share with you my wisdom and knowledge to help you create the life you thought was only a dream. Your dream life CAN become a reality. How freaking awesome!


“I honestly believe we get to choose our reality each moment in every day.”

I am a wife of 21 years to a beautiful man, a mother of two gorgeous boys. I am a truth seeker, inspired, self-inquirer and ritual junkie, I love earth medicine, yep…..I have been known to hug trees and talk to my plants!


Every morning I wake up loving life. These days I live the life I had only dreamed about, in fact even my dreams about this life seemed too far- fetched!


I don’t believe for one minute we were brought to this miraculous planet to simply live and die. I honestly believe we are all here to live a rich full life.


We are meant to do what we love, we are not meant to slave away in a job that we do not like, to feel burdened or small. We are meant to feel strong, open and relaxed, we are meant to feel fit, vibrant and be the best version of ourselves in health that we can be. We are meant to live in our bodies, feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed in every way.


We can absolutely live a larger than life, LIFE!

Flourishing, rosy- cheeked, passionate, simply put, shiny and healthy!

Let me tell you though, I haven’t always been on this journey. In my ‘other’ life, my ‘past’ life, I was tortured from the inside out.

From the outside I looked as though I was confident and capable, as though I my life was all together. That could not have been further from the truth.


On the inside I was falling apart, crumbling, imploding, and in a constant state of knots.   It took me a long time to recognize that I was suffering from poor body image, binge eating, anxiety, panic attacks, and long bouts of depression. If this sounds familiar to you, then we have a lot in common


Over time I had become completely incapable of recognizing my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical needs. I was suffering on every level. I was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually bankrupt.


By my early 30’s I was completely burned out. My child hood trauma of years of sexual abuse gained momentum, lurking in the shadows just waiting for any opportunity to pounce. Panic attacks ruled my days.  Already running on empty, a virus led to years of chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, insomnia, adrenal exhaustion, hormonal imbalances, mineral and vitamin deficiencies and digestive disorders, just to mention a few. I was a complete mess. And then to top it all off with a ‘cherry’ on the top I suffered a pelvic organ prolapse.


The toxic voices in my head were constantly on their megaphones sometimes shouting, sometimes just a whisper, how ugly I was, how dumb, how fat, how inadequate, how useless, how much of a waste of space I was. The whispers were the most toxic and dangerous.


And yet something inside of me would occasionally stir. You know….. the things you want so desperately but deny, not even willing to look at the possibility of them ever becoming a reality.  


It wasn’t until I was drawn to studying the practice of yoga formally to become a teacher that ‘this something was able to start to come to the surface’. And so, the inquiry to healing on every level began.

It is said that we teach what we need to learn. This is true for me, even now.


I started with Louise Hay, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, Annette Noontil, ‘Your Body is the Barometer of the Soul’ and Dr. Wayne Dyer ‘You’ll See It When You Believe It’. I devoured these books and many others along the lines of spiritual growth and personal development. They opened my eyes to a whole new way of feeling, seeing, believing and living. I was however a slow learner.


I did start to recover, although gradually my ego, my inner judge and critic made her way back into my life. I stepped onto my yoga mat less, I didn’t meditate every day, I didn’t pay meticulous attention to my food, I slipped back into the cortisol rich toxic, fast life. And BANG!

I was then given another lesson by the universe. My body had been trying to get my attention for years. So, with excruciating pain all over my whole body, not even being able to bare the weight of a sheet on my body, I was off to hospital.  


As the doctor took blood for an array of tests, he was preparing me for the possibility of acute rheumatoid arthritis. Along with a uterine prolapse that created a chronic deep ache in-between my legs with low back ache, I felt absolutely at rock bottom. Here I was again! Had I not learnt? Clearly not!


I was given the ‘gift’ of yet another dose of a mosquito born virus. Oh my god!  I WAS really here again. I remember in that moment just bursting into tears, looking at my husband saying, “I can’t do this again.” I wanted out.

Brett just looked straight into my eyes, “yes you can, you know what to do!”.


After my HUGE pity party, for one, I came back to what I whole heartedly ‘knew’, what I knew for sure.











-        I realized just how far removed I was from my true north, how off base I had been living.


-        I realized that I had been using the gym, work and the dollar to numb myself, so there was no time to sit with myself, be still and really listen.


-        I realized the power of my language and to be careful what you wish for. I had constantly been saying “I am so sick of this, I am so sick of that”, “I am so stressed I just want to do nothing!”…….. So that is exactly what the universe provided for me.


-        I realized no one else could do this for me, if it was going to be it was up to me.


-        I realized I couldn’t keep searching for the peace I yearned, for the happiness I craved outside of myself.


-        I realized I had been living very much in my masculine, a fast and hard pace, ridiculously long working hours, not stopping for one minute to listen to, to feel the feminine calling within me.


-        I realized I had been living the ‘victim’ story and mentality.


-        I realized it was me and only me that could change my story, my body, my health, my life, not next week, not tomorrow, but NOW.


-        I realized I needed to become skilled in mastering my inner judge and critic.


-        I realized I could no longer remain small and disempowered, this was serving no one, least of all me.


-        I realized if I couldn’t support myself how on earth could I be there and support my family and loved ones?

Throughout my journey I realized how crazy my life had become.


My peaks and valleys of emotions often in one day were exhausting.  Panic attacks became intolerable even in my own home, in bed at night.  I was existing not living.  My knots were so tightly wound I felt like I couldn’t even breathe.  I wondered if I felt like this all the time wearing a mask to disguise my anxiety and knots, how many others out there are feeling the same, how many were simply existing?


I was absolutely determined to heal myself naturally and sort out my mental, emotional and physical mess and start living my life to it’s and my fullest potential. I put things in place straight away.


I applied to colleges and institutes and studied to become a certified yoga teacher, studied meditation, holistic health, remedial massage techniques, energetic body work, nutrition, life coaching.  I read every book known to man on all of these topics and more.  I became obsessed with sharing and teaching what I have learned and continue to learn.  I could never have foreseen how my life has unfolded beyond my wildest dreams.  I would have laughed you off the planet if you had of said this would be my life!


As this ‘school of life’ never actually ends, I was now completely engrossed in being the willing and diligent student.


I went from living from a place of constant fear to now only living in a place of love and from love.


You can too.


My intention is:  To empower you in all areas of your life, to encourage you let go of the old and to make room for the ‘new’ to come in.   

You are not broken, you are not something that needs to be fixed.   You already know what to do.   Your wisdom is already within you.   I am here to help you step into that wisdom and take the appropriate action.   Because how you treat your body is a true reflection of how we actually feel ourselves.


Suffering with prolapse or incontinence is not the end.  Don’t accept that suffering from stress, depression and panic attacks is the card you have been dealt.  There is a different path.  And it’s a dam sight more fulfilling, loving and exciting than how you could be possibly living now.



So beautiful lady – do you love yourself from top to toe, from the inside out?    I categorically DID NOT.   I have learnt to fall in love with every part of myself, even the parts I felt were broken.  I have learnt to take care of myself, to nourish my body with wholesome foods and tend to my thoughts and feed it with the best that this great mother earth has to give me.  I learnt how to listen to my body’s wisdom, learnt her language.  I master my inner judge and critic to become whole, wise, healthy, and a kick butt loving warrior goddess.


I want to help you do the same no matter your age…...


Love Anna xxx




If you are still reading this I am so excited to support your blossoming and growth. The best way to stay up to date is by joining our tribe.   Click below. 


Professional Bio


Anna is a yoga teacher, author, motivational and inspiring public speaker, mentor, strategic life coach, self-love teacher, whole woman practitioner, remedial massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, myofascial release therapist, clinical nutrition consultant and bush flower essence practitioner.

Anna’s approach is raw, and empowering. Anna inspires women all over the world to lovingly take charge of their own health and healing.

Her message – learn to celebrate your body, your mind and soul and dance and jump for joy, you don’t not need an excuse to celebrate. You are already strong, sexy, powerful, beautiful open, naturally relaxed, and abundance is yours in every area of your life. This is your true state.


You can radically heal, fall in love with your beautiful whole, radiant self and come back to your TRUE state of wholeness. Everything you want in the future………  you already have that inside you now!

It’s time to love it and live it!


Victor Harbor, South Australia, Australia

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